How Stagnant Energy Can Block Intuitive Development

Stagnant energy is like a slow growing poison that consumes all your positivity and starts to dull or even diminish the light that shines from within you. It can be described as the feeling of being inhibited from moving forward, feeling like you are trapped at the point of life you are in, or just… Continue reading How Stagnant Energy Can Block Intuitive Development

5 (Mostly) Spiritual Reasons Why You Experience Bad Dreams and Nightmares

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Soul Lessons and Recurring Soul Patterns

Our souls are the essence of our being, the spiritual part of ourselves that lives on forever, it leaves our physical body when we pass on from this world, it journeys through different planes of existence to the spirit world, and will likely come back to this world in a different body to experience new… Continue reading Soul Lessons and Recurring Soul Patterns

What Nature Can Teach You

Nature is still and silent, yet it can also be destructive and damaging. If you let it, it can teach you many lessons. After a two hour walk with my babies this afternoon I feel downright refreshed, relaxed, and grounded. It was incredibly peaceful and along my walk I was inspired to write about what… Continue reading What Nature Can Teach You

4 Ways to Connect to Your Intuition

Intuition is a very special gift that humans were graced with. It has led people to living a more fulfilled life and it’s saved people from life-threatening situations. What is intuition exactly? The dictionary definition is “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.”  This is such a cool concept as… Continue reading 4 Ways to Connect to Your Intuition

Limiting Beliefs and Your Potential

What are limiting beliefs? They are beliefs that have been ingrained into your persona from your past that limit your ability to be or do what you want.  Generally your beliefs stem from the way you were raised as a young child, the material you had been taught or shown by parents, caregivers, teachers, peers,… Continue reading Limiting Beliefs and Your Potential

Empowering Yourself During Hard Times

Often times as humans we get so caught up in feeling permanent guilt or shame due to bad decisions, mistakes, and past actions we likely regret. We sometimes start to believe that those actions are now in control of our life and who we are today. Yes, it is true that those bad decisions do… Continue reading Empowering Yourself During Hard Times

Are You Following Your Intuition or Anxiety?

I am a HUGE fan of following your intuition. It wasn't always that way. I used to think intuition was nonsense but I was quite ignorant about the topic and didn't know much about it. After doing my fair share of research, quieting my mind, and practicing following my intuition I realized I had unlocked… Continue reading Are You Following Your Intuition or Anxiety?