A Visualization for Chakra Cleansing and Grounding with Your Spirit Team

Yesterday, I decided that my chakras were in need of a deep cleansing. Normally I throw on a guided meditation to get the job done, but instead I felt intuitively guided to journal it and share what came through as I went through the process.

As you read this feel free to throw on some meditation music, light some incense or sage, and get cozy in a distraction free area. Allow yourself to fully feel each step. Keep a notebook and pen handy in case you want to write any emotions, feelings, or symbols that may pop up during this journey.

“I ask my Creator and my all loving spirit team to surround me, protect me, and assist me in unblocking, clearing, and healing of each and every one of my chakras and energy centers. Please assist me in aligning my mind, body, and spirit, keep me centered and in the present moment, and to ground me during this process.

I intuitively find my grounding cord that extends from my root chakra. I feel it reach deep down to the center of the earth. Deeply purifying and cleansing white light begins to travel up through my grounding cord through my feet and legs purifying each cell in and around my root chakra. It flushes out feelings of instability, insecurity, uprooted-ness, and issues that hinder me from having a solid connection with the earth and her rhythms. As this chakra begins to spin and glow a luscious red I begin to feel a deep connection with the earth and feelings of security and stability of all areas of my life begin to pour in.

This white light continues to travel upwards until it reaches my sacral chakra. It cleanses every cell in and around this energy center until my sacral chakra spins and glows a beautiful shade of orange. I begin to feel doubts, blocks of creativity, and lack of intuition dissolving and becoming replaced with clarity, increased intuition, clairsentience abilities amplified, deep sensuality, and creative inspirations.

This white continues to travel up in and around my solar plexus which begins to spin and glow a bright nourishing yellow. As it spins it shakes off feelings of self-doubt, powerlessness, and loss of control in areas of my life I feel more like than the passenger than the pilot in. These feelings are brought deep into the core of the earth where they are transmuted and transformed into a healthy sense of confidence, personal power, and strengthened will-power.

This purifying white light travels upwards, towards and into my heart chakra. It swirls around and wrings out all feelings of resentments towards self and others, past hurts and heartbreaks, grudges, and feelings and issues causing me to lack the self-love I deserve to feel towards myself. This white light frees up space and makes room for compassion, understanding, and healthy love for self and others to reside. As I feel this surge of love rush into my heart space this energy center spins and glows a bright and mesmerizing green. This beautiful green light deepens into my inner being and fills my inner child with love and comfort.

This beautiful white light continues up towards my throat chakra cleansing and cleaning each cell in and around it. It draws out all feelings of miscommunication, inability to hear, understand, and speak my inner thoughts. It removes my inability to speak or hear the truths of and for myself and others. This white light helps usher in the ability to speak my truth clearly and from my heart, mind, and intuition. It dissolves any blockages I may have in receiving and understanding messages from my Creator and all loving spirit team. My throat chakra now spins a beautiful and clarifying shade of blue.

The white light continues its journey upwards through my jaw and face reaching my third eye where it cleanses and purifies each cell in and around it. It begins to remove debris and blockages clouding my ability to see what I need to see. It helps me to see my highest potentials, my inner desires, goals, and dreams. It makes space in my mind’s eye to see my loving spirit team when it I am ready to receive their visual representations. This chakra begins to spin and glow a deep indigo color.

The white light pulls upwards reaching my crown chakra. It cleanses and purifies each cell in and around this energy center. It pulls deep down into the ground any feelings of disconnection from others and of the all loving and protective spiritual realms. This white light makes space for contentment and allows me to feel the presence of my Creator and all loving spirit team. I feel oneness with everything around, above, and below me. I now feel my crown chakra opening and expanding a beautiful lilac purple colored light reaching up into the heavens.

The white light from the core of the earth mingles with the beautiful purple light from my crown chakra as it reaches the realms of the angels who want nothing other than to protect me and wrap me in love and light.

The angels begin to send a beautiful gold, tinted with soft pastel oranges and pink colored light and energy down into my crown chakra. This angelic energy dances and mixes with the purifying white light of the earth. It surrounds me and fills me with love and protection. It wraps around my entire aura cleansing it of any lower vibrations.

It pulls through each chakra. It connects with my root chakra and then to my grounding cord, pulling white light of the earth with it. It pulls any lingering lower vibrational energies with it deep into the core of the earth releasing any density to be transmuted to positive and loving energy for myself and others. The angelic light assists me in securing my grounding cord to the core of the earth.

I now feel light, protected, grounded, and incredibly loved. I thank my Creator, the angels, and my loving spirit team for assisting me in clearing my chakras, my aura, and grounding me.”

Ahhh, I hope this makes you feel as relaxed and light as much as I did while going through this journey.

Love and light and thank you for reading,

Danielle Gray

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