Two Life Lessons Learned From My Spiritual Team That We Can All Benefit From

Our spiritual teams (aka our spirit guides, angels, ancestors, and dearly departed loved ones) are continually trying to guide and steer us in the right direction through visions, physical signs, subtle whispers, or physical sensations and emotional feelings.

I had an experience with my spiritual team that I knew I had to share because I felt the lessons I was taught are invaluable and might need to be heard by others.

So, here I go!

Two weeks ago as I was waking up I received a vision of my newly purchased selenite crystal sphere rolling off the shelf it had been placed on and breaking into two parts.

So, with this vision in mind I did everything in my power to ensure that this selenite sphere would NOT have the opportunity to fall or become broken. I put heavy weighted drift wood all around it and even went as far as making my sacred space where I keep all my crystals a ‘no go zone’ for my two young children. I thought, “HA! This is genius. No way is this baby going anywhere!”

I was right. It didn’t go anywhere. BUT.. Fast forward a week and I’m holding onto my most treasured and favourite selenite wand while organizing my crystal shelf, my three year old zooms into the room, bumps into me and lo and behold , my beloved selenite slipped between my fingers and crashed to the floor breaking in half into two distinct pieces.

Here is what I learned from this experience.

Some Things are Inevitably Meant to Happen, but Sometimes not in the Way we Expect or Want Them to.

In my vision, it was my sphere that ended up breaking and not my wand. I had worked so hard (kind of in an obsessive way-not kidding!) to protect my selenite sphere and totally neglected my selenite wand.

I think this lesson can teach us that we should try and be more in tune and in the flow of everything going on around us rather than creating expectations or creating such control of circumstances that are beyond us.

When something is meant to be it will happen for us in the way that serves the highest good of our individual divine wills. Even if it doesn’t make sense at that particular moment, it will all eventually fall together.

Things We Become Attached to or Depend On Have the Ability to Change or Even Become Broken but it’s All About Our Attitude and Reactions When and If They Do.

These things can be physical objects (like my selenite wand) or they can be people, circumstances, or situations.

My selenite wand was literally my favourite crystal and I depended on it for a lot of my inner healing journey. When it broke at first I had a very bitter attitude about it and once I became aware of my bitter attitude it gave me the chance to redirect my attitude and reaction to it.

The upside of people, situations, or circumstances transforming or even ‘breaking’ is that it can lead us to reflect on our inner selves and why it is we feel such resistance to these changes. This gives us a chance to transform or even ‘break’ unnecessary co-dependency or attachments so that we can flourish on a new path if we can change our attitudes and reactions in a more positive direction.

Instead of being trapped in a negative frame of mind when these things happen we have the opportunity to choose to look from at things from a different perspective and see things as they really are and what we can do to move on.

I hope you found these lessons intriguing and helpful!

Danielle Gray

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