How Stagnant Energy Can Block Intuitive Development

Stagnant energy is like a slow growing poison that consumes all your positivity and starts to dull or even diminish the light that shines from within you.

It can be described as the feeling of being inhibited from moving forward, feeling like you are trapped at the point of life you are in, or just a general feeling of boredom with everything and everybody around you.

When you are being engulfed in stagnant energy you may feel the following:

-Like you don’t have a purpose.

-A constant state of boredom.

-A feeling of emptiness.

-Restlessness in your life.

-A feeling of being unfulfilled.

-Lack of self-growth or personal development.

-Feelings of depression.

-Feeling disconnected from everybody and everything around you.

-Feeling ‘spaced out’ and not being grounded in reality.

-Lack of interest in hobbies or personal passions.

What causes stagnant energy and how can it block intuitive development?

There are many causes of stagnant energy. Here are a few:

-Surrounding yourself with people who are toxic, controlling, or unsupportive of your personal interests or endeavors and cause you to hide your ‘true self’ around them.

-Staying in situations you feel are holding you back from your true potential.

-A trauma that leads to PTSD (In this case get yourself a therapist or counselor to help you understand why you are feeling the way you are and to help you to move forward.)

-Unfulfilled expectations.

-Not showing or feeling gratitude for the little things.

-Lack of goal setting or having some sort of ‘vision’ for your future.

-Trying to control every single aspect of your life instead of being in the present moment and allowing the ebb and flows of life to naturally push you forward or in a direction your ‘true self’ craves to be going.

Stagnant energy can block your intuitive development by making you feel like you are stuck and that nothing you do will help get you moving again.

When you are trying to develop your intuitive senses you need to allow yourself to experience soul and self-growth. As you grow your intuitive abilities it is imperative to dig deep and become more and more self-aware.  Without becoming self-aware you may never know where your potential truly lives and this is where your intuitive development becomes hindered.

In order to become self-aware you must be able to shake off the stagnant energy that holds you back from the motivation and willingness to explore the depths of what makes you happy, sad, excited, and euphoric.

Being clouded in stagnant energy stops you from noticing all the little magical moments you might otherwise be experiencing in your spiritual journey.

Not to mention, feeling low vibrational makes it harder to connect with the higher vibrational beings such as your spirit guides, angels, ancestors, or dearly departed loved ones because you are running on such a different wavelength as them when you are throwing off stagnant energy like its confetti.

How to Overcome Stagnant Energy

Here are a few ways to help you with getting over your stagnant energy funk.

-See a therapist or counselor.

-Get an in person or online mentor you trust with helping you make head way on your intuitive development.

-Journal about what you feel is holding you back and making you feel this way.

-Cleanse yourself and the spaces you most dwell with sage, sweetgrass, mugwort, etc.

-Pray or talk with your spiritual team and ask for guidance to get rid of your stagnant energy.

-Find a creative outlet that makes you happy or get back into an old hobby that makes you happy.

-Start a gratitude journal.

-Read or watch material devoted to personal growth and development.

-Get out into nature more often.

-Meditate or do guided meditations that help you to balance or cleanse your energy and chakras.

-Start a daily spiritual practice.

-Set attainable goals.

-Create a ‘vision’ for your future and where you’d like to see yourself in the next few months or year.

-Start listening more to your intuition, higher self, or spiritual team.

-Remove yourself from situations or people that are unsupportive or disrespectful towards you and your goals.

-Take some time to learn about subjects or topics that light your inner fire.

-Shake things up in your life by experiencing more that makes your heart happy.

Let me know in the comments the ways you use that help with stagnant energy, I’d love to hear about them. 🙂

Love and Light,

Danielle Gray

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