Creating a Sacred Space to Connect With Your Spiritual Team

Connecting with your loving Creator (source, God, Goddess, Great Spirit, etc. whichever you feel fits your personal belief system best), spirit guides, angels, ancestors, and dearly departed loved ones (AKA your spiritual team) is a very important way to receive guidance, support, and deepen the bond you have with them.

Your spiritual team always has your back, so why not create a sacred space to show them you are willing to meet them halfway between our world and theirs?

Having a special and dedicated space where you can meet and connect with your spiritual team can also help you with furthering your psychic or intuitive development because in this space you may learn to feel and hold the specific energy needed to connect with your spiritual team. Tell your spiritual team that this is your sacred meeting place and invite them to fill the space with their loving and protective energy; you may begin to notice subtle energy changes when you do this.

When you keep up and maintain your spiritual space you will feel the shift in energy this space holds compared to places that are not as sacred to you.

Here are two ways to create a sacred space unique to you and your spiritual team. One is a physical space, and the other is created through visualization and meditative means.

Creating a Physical Sacred Space

This method involves finding a space in your home or dwelling that you can commit to using as the space to reach out and in turn receive communication with your spiritual team.

This space does not need to take up an entire room, closet, or even a large section. It can be on a coffee table, shelf, or even a cabinet. Mine is an older wooden tv stand (without the t.v of course) that has a hollowed out section and it sits in a corner of my bedroom.

Once you have a space picked out and tidied up, now is the fun part! Find items that have personal spiritual significance to you. These can be:

– healing crystals

-divination tools

– spiritual books

– pictures or art


– a salt lamp

– a dreamcatcher


-driftwood collected in nature (be sure to check local laws to ensure you won’t receive a penalty for collecting it)



-feathers (check laws to make sure you aren’t picking up and taking home an illegally attained feather)

-any other nature related objects that make you feel grounded to the earth

-pictures of the dearly departed loved ones you’d like to connect with

-soft cloth to lay your décor onto

-a thin curtain to close off your sacred space when not in use and open up when you are initiating connection

These are all optional, but there really is no limit to what can be used to decorate and ‘set the mood’ for your personal sacred space.

My own sacred space consists of a Himalayan salt lamp, surrounded by the crystals I have accumulated throughout the years set on top of various pieces of driftwood, a spirit guide painting I had received from a very talented and humble woman, my tarot and oracle card decks and spiritual books tucked neatly on either side of my salt lamp, and my pendulums hang up behind the salt lamp.

When I use my sacred space I turn on my salt lamp to the brightest setting, light a white candle (but you can light whatever color for whatever purpose,) ground and protect my energy, and then I let my spiritual team know I am ready to connect with them and that they are invited into my space.

I like to write a letter or if I’m short on time a brief note to my spiritual team daily, and I put it into my space and invite them to read whatever it is I have written.

When you first set up your sacred space it can be beneficial to take some time before inviting your spiritual team to cleanse it by using sage, sweetgrass, paleo santo, or by visualizing purifying white light over the entire space.

Next, spend some time with just your energy in this space. Make this your own personal energetic space that is off limits to others if you can swing it.


A Visualized Sacred Space

To have a visualized sacred space takes up no physical space but will need a lot of imagination (or pinterest ideas if you’re anything like me and have a hard time imagining the finer details) and you should be in a meditative or non-distracting physical space  in order to make it special for yourself and your spiritual team.

This method involves using your imagination to create a special and individualized to you room, garden, castle, beach, forest, field, or any other visualization that makes you feel safe, on a higher vibrational frequency, and comforted spiritually.

There is no limit to what you can imagine is in your space or where it is located.

For example, my visualized sacred space begins on a path through a sunny forest that leads to a beach house. The beach house itself is an open layout and almost cottage-like. I have comfortable furniture inside the house with big bay windows facing the ocean, beach and also a lavender field I’ve added to my sacred space.

I have different crystals lined on shelves, a giant soft white rug, dreamcatchers, a fireplace, and a very special candle with the unique purpose of opening and closing my sacred space to the spirit world. I visualize lighting the candle when I want to connect and blow it out when I want to end the connection. When I am finished in this sacred space I follow the path back through the forest and come back to being present physically.

You can have any sort of initiation to open and close your sacred space to the spirit world. You can imagine a flower opening, an on and off switch, a door you open and close, whatever floats your boat!

Try to leave any worries or anxieties out of your sacred space.

If at any time in your visualized sacred space you feel unsafe you can always close the connection and come back when you are in a more relaxed state of mind.

It is very important when using either of these methods to ensure that you are only inviting beings of love, light, and with the highest and purest intentions for you. This will create the most loving experience.

I’m interested to know what you use as a sacred space! Let me know in the comments what you have in your sacred space.  🙂

Love and Light,

Danielle Gray



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