Common Fears That Impact Spirit Communication and a Ritual to Receive Love-Based Communication From Your Spiritual Team

In the beginning stages of my spiritual development I hit a major roadblock. It was my own personal fear of connecting with the world of spirit. I was afraid I would see things that would frighten me, afraid of feeling like I was a “crazy” person, and also afraid that I wouldn’t be deserving enough to receive loving or encouraging messages from the spirit world.

If you are struggling with deepening your relationship with Source (or God, Great Spirit, the Universe, etc.), your spirit guides, angels, ancestors, or deceased loved ones then it could be your own personal fears whether known or at the subconscious level that could be hindering this growth.

Types of Fear That Can Affect Your Communication with Your Spiritual Team

Fear of the Unknown

Fear of the unknown is being afraid of what could be out there in the spirit world including what type of messages you will receive, whether you will end up conversing with deceiving spirits, or that you will open a door to seeing deceased people everywhere around the clock.

If this is the case for you, try educating yourself on the things you find yourself afraid of when it comes to the spirit world. Read up on psychic protection, the different ways to psychically receive messages, how to set boundaries with spirits so that you are only able to see or sense them when you have set the intention to. Knowledge really is power when it comes to spiritual communication.

There is so much beauty, compassion, love, support, and encouragement that comes from your own personal spiritual team so next time you feel afraid to connect with the spirit world, just remember that you have a whole team of light beings that have your back if you want or need them to. Just remember to ask them since they won’t overstep your free will.

Fear That Manifests From Your Subconscious

Likely you’ve heard of the law of attraction, the concept that positivity attracts positive results, and negativity attracts negative results. This type of fear is sort of like that.  Metaphorically speaking, if you’ve at any point in your life been under the notion that spirit communication of any kind is going to lead to scary things, then that can manifest into a deep seeded fear subconsciously, that can come back to you just like a boomerang.

Things such as images, clips from movies or videos, or something someone said ages ago that created the perception of the spirit world being dark and scary can sometimes seep into your mind when you are trying to deepen your relationship with spirit. Whatever has popped into your mind can sometimes trigger us into wanting to cease all communication or even stop the whole development process.

You can also try to limit the amount of supernatural horror movies you watch until you have a deeper understanding of what the spirit world is really like.

Again, here is a reminder that there are so many beautiful aspects and beings of light in the spirit world waiting to be discovered by you. And always, always, always ground yourself and use protective measures each and every time you want to connect with your spiritual team and you in doing so you should have a loving and support based interaction.

The Fear That You Don’t Deserve a Loving Spiritual Team or That You Don’t Have One

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Everybody has a spiritual team trying their best to guide, encourage, and support you during your soul’s journey in this lifetime. Everybody has spirit guides, angels, ancestors, or other higher realm beings even if you don’t always feel their presence or notice the signs they may be trying to give you.

Not only does everybody have a spiritual team, but everybody deserves one. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sinner or a saint, if you’re at rock bottom in your life, or if you have more abundance than you ever thought you could accumulate. They will always be there to cheer you on.

If you’re having trouble connecting with your spiritual team try asking for more signs to appear in meditations, dreams, through automatic writing, or through your everyday life. Just set the intention and continue to live your day to day life. Patience is key here, try not to obsess over how or when your sign will show up.

Fear Of The Discernment Process

In this case I’m talking about discerning between your loving spiritual team and a possible lower vibrational being disguising themselves as a member of your spiritual team.  This is one that had scared me the most in the beginning of the development of my psychic abilities.

When I first started receiving messages I would limit my conversations with spirit because I had a fear of mistaking a higher vibrational being with a lower vibrational one. I didn’t want to become vulnerable to a possible psychic attack. I was scared I wouldn’t know what to do if I did come across a lower vibrational being.

Read “How To Tell The Difference Between High Vibrational Spirits and Low Vibrational Spirits.”

This is a very understandable fear because this can happen. Just as there are many different people with different personalities and intentions, there are also many different personalities and intentions that spirits have in the spirit world.

To help get past this fear it is imperative that you gain as much knowledge and practice as you can in the department of grounding and psychic protection before you jump into channeling and doing readings for yourself or other people.

 Read “Why You Should Develop Your Intuition Before Channeling.”

Once you’ve learned how to ground and protect properly, call on your team of angels or your gatekeeper spirit guide to help become the security guards during your conversations with spirit.

If you do happen to run into a lower vibrational being it is very important to set boundaries and demand that this spirit leave you immediately. Just as you wouldn’t allow a stranger to come and make your home his or her home, you need to make it clear that you are not a host for lower vibrational beings.  You are always in control of your psyche.

Fear That You Are Just Using Your Creative Imagination and Not Actually Connecting With Your Spiritual Team

This is a HUGE one. It takes a lot of dedicated practice, faith, and trust to move past this fear.

In order to begin moving past this fear you must take the time.. and have the patience.. to learn to control your thoughts. Because spirit will send you impressions that will sound like thoughts in your own voice, mental pictures or movies in your mind’s eye, or emotional feelings and it can be confusing  in the beginning to know if it was you personally, or spirit sending you those impressions.

Having a regular meditation practice, even if it’s only ten minutes a day, can help you learn to differentiate the thoughts and feelings that come to you as yours or as spirit’s. Automatic or free writing regularly can also help you to differentiate you and spirit’s wording.

Fear of Judgement From Others

Today’s society is changing and many people are more accepting of psychics and mediums more than ever before.  For those that do seem judgmental, it is likely they have been ill-informed, are afraid themselves, or have no knowledge about what the spirit world is really like.

People are going to have opinions and you likely won’t be able to change them. It’s also not your job to change anybody else’s viewpoints or beliefs. If they’re meant to awaken in this lifetime, they will when it’s the right time for them.

Just as you don’t need to tell everybody you meet that your favorite color is purple, you don’t necessarily have to tell everybody you meet that you communicate with the deceased if you don’t feel comfortable in doing so.

Fear of Making Mistakes and Feeling Like a Fraud

Everybody makes mistakes and to be honest, trying to converse with our spiritual team is exactly like learning a new language. You will not become fluent overnight, in a week, and likely not even in a month unless you can somehow pull off a crystal clear connection from the get go. If you do, count yourself incredibly lucky!

Read “Mental Distortions Hurting Your Psychic Development.”

Trying to interpret the messages from spirit is much like playing a game of charades, you will have to try and receive a symbol that comes purely from spirit and not from your own subconscious, and then on top of that you need to translate what those symbols mean to yourself or to your client.

You could be receiving an accurate symbol but perhaps the actual meaning varies from the meaning you think it does or the meaning will pop up at you later on and you’ll get your ‘aha’ moment for that symbol.

If you are doing a reading for somebody and they want to know about their future and what will happen, just know that nothing is ever set in stone. People have free will and every thought, intention, and action can create new pathways from what you may be seeing for them (or yourself) from that one moment in time and a result of all their previous thoughts, intentions, and actions.

You are not a fraud! Keep practicing, journaling new symbols you receive, and communicating with your spiritual team and you will find your accuracy will improve over time.

A Ritual to Help Your Spirit Communication Be Love-Based Instead Of Fear-Based

Before initiating spirit contact, even before trying to contact your spiritual team it is very important to have a ritual that feels right for you. Here is a ritual I use before and after meditation, channeling, or doing readings.

Be as Clear Headed As Possible

Worries, stress, anxieties, or any other negative feelings can lower your vibrations. It is very important to work on raising your vibrations so that you can meet higher vibrational beings at a level they can lower their vibration to.

Before you meditate or communicate with your spiritual team, unload all of your worries and negative feelings through pen to paper. You can then affirm that there is nothing you can do about these stresses and you don’t want to be bothered by them during your sacred connection time.

You can then imagine them dissipating or melting away. It may even be helpful for you to fold up the piece of paper and put it into another area of your home until you are finished connecting with your spiritual team.

Read “How to Get Out of Your Head in 10 Minutes or Less”

Ground and Protect

Now is when you will ground your spirit and put up your psychic boundaries or shield.

To ground, keep your feet on the floor, and then imagine a bright white cord going from your abdomen (or solar plexus) all the way through your lower body, through your feet and all the way to the core of the earth. Now bring up a bright white energizing and revitalizing energy from the core of the earth all the way up through your feet to each chakra ensuring your chakras will be clear and open.

You can then bring down a beautiful sparkly gold color down from the heavens or angelic realms to cleanse you as well if you so wish.

Next, put up a shield around your entire being or aura with the intention of only allowing loving spirits to contact you. You can use either the color dark purple (allows only good spirits to contact you) or pink (only allows loving energies through to you.)

Now it is very important to call on your gatekeeper guide or Archangel Michael to join you and be an extra form of protection. Either of these guides will screen the spirits trying to come through and will send the lower vibrational ones who do not have the best intentions on their way and out of your psyche.

Read “Guarding Yourself in Social Situations For Empaths and the Highly Sensitive.”

Bring a Love-Focused Energy into Your Entire Being

Imagine a time when you felt immense love and safety. Sit in these feelings for as long as necessary to feel like you are a sponge and your whole being is becoming full of love and safety.

Then allow the memory to leave your psyche leaving the feeling of love and safety running through your body.

Create the Intention of Only Contacting the Highest Beings of Love and Light

Make the statement either in your head or out loud that you will only interact and allow messages to come from Source (or God, the Creator, Great Spirit, Deity, etc.), higher light spirit guides, ancestors, angels, ascended masters, or deceased loved ones who will provide you with love, encouragement, and the guidance that is for the highest best of yourself and others.

When You Are Finished Conversing With Spirit

Always say thank you. Say thank you to your gatekeeper guide, Archangel Michael, your angels, or whomever you had communicated with. Being polite has never hurt anybody.

Read “How to Effectively Receive Communication from Your Spirit Guides” to learn more spirit communication etiquette.

I hope that this will help you turn your fear-based spirit communication into love-based ones.

Thank you for reading,

Danielle Gray




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