How to Tell the Difference Between High Vibrational Spirits and Low Vibrational Spirits

I love being able to interact with the other side to gain new insights and receive guidance from my spiritual guides and other higher vibrational beings, along with helping others believe and have faith that there is life after death.  The only downfall in doing so is the fact that I run into lower vibrational entities and spirits from time to time.

I want to clarify that this writing does not include anything regarding dark or ominous vibrational beings, but rather lower frequency ones that don’t have an agenda, but can still hinder our growth and mess with our thoughts and emotions.  Lower vibrational entities and spirits include spirits or entities that may be earthbound and confused, energy vampires, and passed on loved ones that you may not know but have connections to someone you are regularly in contact with.

Knowing the difference is crucial in your development of mediumship because you don’t want to be led astray and confuse these spirits with higher realm entities, your higher self, or your loving spiritual team which do have your best interests at heart and want to help guide you to your best potential.

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The Difference Between Loving and High Vibrational Guidance and Lower Vibrational Guidance

We as humans have a dense and somewhat lower vibration to us so it can make it easier to interpret and be impressed upon by lower vibrations or information. These can be perceived by the “clairs.” This makes it very important that we try to continually raise our own personal vibrations so we can get closer to beings of love and light.

When we receive messages or other impressions from lower vibrational entities or spirits it can have a lingering effect and it will not resonate deeply in a positive way with us. This lingering effect will usually result in negative emotions such as feeling rushed or pushed to do something in particular that doesn’t feel right to us.

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If you’re clairaudient (the psychic ability to perceive messages through sound or inner hearing), the tone may sound shrewd, unloving, or will make you second guess the positive actions you have been making in your life.

If it is information being received from a higher vibrational entity or spirit it may be very quiet, loving, gentle, and will encourage you in taking positive action steps so you can stay on track to reaching your highest potential. You will feel this guidance resonates with you and makes you feel encouraged and supported. Your guides want you to feel safe and protected at all times.

The only reason a higher vibrational being will try and guide you off your current path is because you may be backtracking off your soul’s intended path and your spiritual team can see a much better future that lies ahead for you.

If you are clairvoyant (the psychic ability to see spirit or receive pictures or scenes through your mind’s eye), a lower vibrational spirit may send images or symbols that are frightening or of a negative nature. These may make you feel uneasy or afraid.

Whereas receiving images or symbols from your spiritual team or higher self should not frighten you or make you feel uncomfortable.

The only reason you should be receiving frightening or uncomfortable messages is if you’ve wholeheartedly dedicated yourself and asked your trusted spiritual team to help you to be a conduit for victims of crimes and you wish to aid the police and families of the victims in finding closure to promote healing. I’d suggest you should be highly developed in and have mastered psychic protection before choosing a route or personal life path for this type of mediumship. 

If you are receiving less than loving or comforting symbols or images from higher entity beings it will be accompanied by a sense of love. For example if you are going to encounter a dangerous situation, you have been procrastinating certain things that need to be accomplished on your path. Another reason may be if you are in need of deep healing you guides may send messages that alert you if you haven’t been paying attention to other signs they’ve likely been trying to get through to you.

If you are clairsentient (the psychic ability to perceive messages through feelings and emotions), a lower vibrational spirit may impress upon you negative emotions or feelings.

Higher vibrational spirits will send you feelings and emotions of peace, calming, and compassion.

If you are claircognizance (the psychic ability to receive information as a sense of complete knowing), lower vibrational spirits will send you ill-perceived, negative, or useless concepts whereas higher vibrational spirits will give you useful and loving advice or concepts to work with to better your life and the lives of those around you.

The main difference between the two is lower vibrational spirits will be negative and will prod you with their notions while higher vibrational spirits will gently guide you, always listen to the boundaries you set, and will continue to be loving and supportive of you even if you aren’t always following their guidance.

Lower vibrational spirits understand free will but will continue to be persistent and prod you to follow their “guidance.” Higher vibrational spirits will not push, prod, or guilt you into following true guidance.

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How To Make Sure You Receive The Highest and Most Loving Guidance

The number one thing you can do to receive the highest and best guidance is to set boundaries with the spirit world. Be firm and make it clear that you do not wish to receive messages from lower vibrational beings unless you are doing a reading and trying to connect with a client’s loved ones who have crossed over, even then once you are finished the reading, make sure you cut cords with the client and anybody tied to them energetically.

Another imperative action to take when you want to become open with the spirit world is to pray and affirm that you only wish to talk to your higher self, spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, and ancestors who are of the highest vibration that have the highest good of yourself in mind.

You can also ask for a certain impression or sign of your choice that you’d like to receive before making communication with your spiritual team to ensure it is them you are communicating with. You could ask for a certain song to pop into your mind, an image, or an emotion or feeling. It is best to establish this impression or sign once you’ve met or had communication with your spiritual team so that you know who you are directing this secret symbol to.

Another method to receiving information that is divinely guided is to ask your gatekeeper spirit guide in assisting you to keep out negative or lower vibrational entities. To do this say a prayer and ask for your gatekeeper guide to protect you by only allowing high vibrational and positive communication from the spiritual realm.  Ask him or her to turn away and banish negative or lower vibrational entities or spirits from entering your space. Then show your gatekeeper guide your appreciation by thanking him or her for their time and energy.

Practising grounding and shielding is also very imperative to receiving messages and communication from higher vibrational beings. Grounding is a method in which you imagine an etheric cord coming down through your chakras connecting you to the core of the earth. Imagine this cord as flexible and buoyant with a firm connection that cannot be uprooted. Follow this method by visualizing a colorful shield surrounding and protecting your entire being.

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Shield Colors and Purposes

White- This color shield will prevent you from any entity, lower or higher vibrational. This is the perfect shield for when you don’t wish to receive communication of any kind other than from your higher self.

Purple- This shield will allow only vibrations of higher realms or vibrations of loving passed on folks.

Pink- This shield will allow contact from loving entities to come through with messages of love and compassion.

Green- This shield will promote healing and healing messages.

Blue- This shield promotes calming messages and guidance to come through.

Yellow- This shield allows mellow and happy messages to come through.

Red- This shield promotes passion.

Orange- This shield can help you receive creative and inspiring messages.

Rainbow- Wrap yourself in a rainbow shield to have the benefits of all the colors that have been listed above.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope it serves you well on your journey.

Danielle Gray






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