A Guide to Manifesting with Your Spiritual Team

Along my spiritual journey I have learned about and have been practicing the concept of manifesting your dreams and desires with the Universe (or God, Great Spirit, Source, The Creator, etc.), your team of spirit guides, ancestors, and angels (here on out I will refer to these higher entities as “Spiritual Team.”)

Through learning, practicing, and receiving, I have decided to share a guideline that has worked quite well. I’m going to highlight the most important aspects of this practice so that you can also benefit from the practice of manifesting with your own personal spiritual team.

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Why should you work on manifesting with your spiritual team?

Your spiritual team is on a higher plane and they have a different and much bigger view point than you. They see and understand everything that goes on around you. They are able to give you guidance, synchronicities, and signs to help you when you are unsure of how to go about receiving the things you want to. But be warned, they will not be able to help guide you or help behind the scenes of making these things happen unless you are crystal clear on what you want to manifest. They may help you get what you want, but it may not be what you expected you would be getting.

For example, you are trying to manifest a new home. Be clear that the home you want to manifest is live-able and free of additional debts so you don’t end up with a home that needs thousands of dollars worth of renovations if that is not what you want.

Why You Should Manifest What You Truly Want Rather Than What You Think You Deserve

Today in society it is common to believe that there needs to be a limit to what you should receive in your life. This is commonly known as a limiting belief. Beliefs that you should only make so much money or that you are going to be stuck working a 9-5 job that is unsatisfactory are limiting. Not only does this thinking limit what you can manifest, it also limits your potential. Read this article to learn more about limiting beliefs and how it can affect your potential.

It’s imperative to know that you play an important role in the workings of the universe, and this is why you deserve to have what you want as long as it is for the highest best for yourself and those around you.

Why Manifesting is Not Just About Materialism, But More So About How You Want to Feel

When you are trying to manifest you need to think about your true desired feelings that you will feel when you receive what it is you want to manifest.

For example you may want a new vehicle. Is this because you want approval from others or is it because you want to feel safe in a newer and more reliable vehicle?

When you are trying to manifest something put yourself in the future situation of having what it is you want and create a strong intention for how you want to feel when you achieve or receive this manifestation.

If what you are trying to manifest doesn’t align with your true soul purpose and won’t make you feel amazing from the inside out, you will likely end up disappointed if you do receive it.

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What kind of intentions should you hold when it comes to manifesting?

There’s a little universal law called karma. When you are manifesting, it is imperative that what you are trying to manifest is for the highest good for yourself and others. If you are trying to manifest power over others or over situations that you should not have ultimate control over it could create a ripple of negative karma.

For example, you are trying to manifest an intimate relationship with a certain person who does not have the same feelings as you do. Trying to exercise control over how they feel about you is unethical for one, and even if you end up manifesting a relationship with this person and they don’t feel the same you will likely end up heartbroken. Instead try to manifest an intimate relationship but don’t have your heart set on any individuals. Your spiritual team is going to work hard behind the scenes to help you find a relationship that will ultimately be best for you in the long term.

Manifest out of loving intention and you may eventually receive more than you intended to.

How Do You Communicate With Your Spiritual Team What You Want To Manifest?

There are many ways to communicate with your spiritual team.

You can pray, start a manifestation journal, create a vision board, and my personal favorite, use a technique called “Future Self Visualization.”

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How do you do “future self visualization?”

For this exercise all you need is your imagination, pen, paper, and a quiet area where you won’t be disturbed.

When you are in a quiet and comfortable area begin to allow your body to relax. Take a deep breath in imagining that you are being filled with a purifying white light and hold that breath letting that white light spread throughout your body. On the exhale allow any self-doubts, fears, and lingering thoughts to go out with your breath. Continue doing this until you feel relaxed and worry free.

Now close your eyes and imagine your future. Imagine one year from now. What do you want to surround you, how do you want to feel? Ask yourself what goals you want to achieve in this time frame. What clothing are you wearing? What career do you have or are you working towards? What kind of vehicle do you have? What hobbies do you have? Are you healthier?

Create a big picture for yourself and get as descriptive as possible. Write down everything that came up. Do this for your “future self” at one year, five years, and even ten years.

When you are finished this exercise ask your spiritual team to help work with you in achieving this. Your spiritual team will not be able to manifest this for you out of thin air but will guide you through signs, numbers, dreams, animals, and more to help guide you to take the right action steps to get to where you want to go if it is for the highest best for yourself and others.

By paying attention to the signs around you, you will know if you are on the right or wrong track of letting your desires manifest into your life. You can even ask for a particular sign that will show you that you’re on the right track.

For example, I ask my guides for a blue butterfly if I’m on the right track to manifesting. I usually receive it within a couple of days by either seeing one in person, in an ad, or even on a postcard. If it’s been a few days and I don’t see one I will usually know deep down that it is either not right for me or it is not the right time for me.


How Often Should You Practice Future Self Visualization?

As often as necessary to believe deep down in your soul that what you are wanting to manifest will be yours. Once you’ve written down what you want out of your life try imagining that at least once a day, even for a few minutes. If there’s things you’d like to change then output that to your spiritual team.

Why Won’t Your Spiritual Team Do All The Work to Manifest Your Desires?

Your spiritual team will not do all the work to get you everything you need because that would interfere with your soul’s lessons (read more on Soul Lessons here), and imagine how boring and pointless life would be if you consistently got everything you wanted.

There is also the concept of “Fair Trade of Energy.” Fair trade of energy is when you are willing to put in as much work as needed in order to receive what it is you are trying to manifest.  There’s the age old saying that nothing comes for free and this is true even when manifesting.  If you do happen to receive your manifestation with no strings attached it may be a good idea to output some energy in the form of a good deed or two to help balance your karma if you believe in karmic law.

What If You Don’t Get What You Want?

This happens and it is likely due to your soul’s true purpose or intention. Perhaps what you have been trying to manifest is not for your highest good or could have a negative chain reaction for your life or for those around you.

There is also the possibility that something much better is meant to enter your life and what you are trying to manifest will hold you back from other more exciting and rewarding opportunities that you don’t know will occur.

Don’t let it hold you back from continuing to practice manifesting with your spiritual team.

Happy Manifesting!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Danielle Gray







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