Why You Should Develop Your Intuition BEFORE Attempting to Channel

Channeling is the act of being a conduit for other entities and energies to blend with your aura or personal energy field and relay messages through you. The purpose can be either for you wanting to gain personal clarity, connect with a deceased loved one, get spiritual guidance from your spirit guides, angels, or ancestors AKA your spiritual team, or perhaps you want to become a practicing psychic or medium to relay messages to clients or sitters.

No matter what your purpose for channeling is, it is imperative and so important to have a strong sense of trust in your personal intuition.

If you don’t have a strong sense of trust in your own innate wisdom before you attempt channeling you could be second guessing yourself when you are receiving accurate messages. When you second guess yourself doubt will arise in you and this can create a blurred or fragmented connection with whoever you are trying to channel. Self-doubt is of a lower vibration and having a lower vibration while trying to channel can invite unwanted energies into your space.

In order to avoid this pitfall you need to be willing to work on building your intuitive muscles so that you can lessen your self-doubt and therefore begin to receive accurate messages you KNOW are accurate.

Another very important reason you need to have a firm foundation of trust in your personal intuition is discernment.

It is so important to use your intuition to discern what entities and energies are entering your space. Just as you would never invite a stranger into your home if your intuition was urging you not to, allow your intuition to guide who can or can’t come into your space for the purpose of channeling.

If you are having trouble discerning who it is trying to relay messages through you, it may be the right time to begin practicing different techniques and exercises to deepen your intuition so you know you are receiving messages from loving and compassionate energies and entities that are there to serve the highest good of all, yourself included.

Here is an article on 4 Ways to Connect to Your Intuition.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Danielle Gray



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