5 (Mostly) Spiritual Reasons Why You Experience Bad Dreams and Nightmares

Bad dreams are never fun and often leave us feeling emotional or overwhelmed when we wake up. Some of these dreams are recurring, happen occasionally, or can be a one-time occurrence. What are some reasons that cause us to have bad dreams or nightmares?

Your Subconscious is Attempting to Clear Out Bad Memories or Experiences

This may seem counter intuitive, but often times when our brain is trying really hard to suppress an old memory it will occasionally pop back up in the form of dreams or random flashbacks. I don’t think this is meant to torment you, but it can be a way to help you acknowledge those memories so that you can observe the entire situation from a different vantage point and then release them in a healthy way in your waking life.

It can be a great idea to find a trusted counsellor or psychologist to help you with acknowledging, observing, and learning to release these memories in a healthy and productive way so that you can move forward in your life.

The Universe, Great Spirit, Source, Your Higher-Self, Spirit Guides, or Angels Are Trying to Get Your Attention

Throughout your life your spiritual team is trying to help guide and protect you from compromising events, situations, and even people. They can see the things that you may not be either seeing or trying not to see.

If there is something going on in your life that may be putting you in danger or leading you off track from your soul’s purpose or lesson plan then these dreams may be trying to get your attention so you can make some personal adjustments to help keep you safe or on the right path.

These loving energies or entities may have tried to gently guide you, but if you weren’t able to catch on they may have decided that giving you negative dream symbols may be the push that you needed to make the proper adjustments and changes.

The best thing to do in this case is to write down all your dreams as detailed as possible and associate each of the symbols (animals, colors, elements, people, emotions, etc.) to help you decipher the messages you have been receiving in your dreams. Keep a journal and see if you find a pattern.

Below is a FREE printable dream journal that can help you track and decipher your dreams. Print one out and leave it on your nightstand with a pen so you can wake up and jot down the details of your dreams before you forget them.

Dream Journal PDF <—Click Here for Your Free Printable Dream Journal

You Are Not Dreaming but Instead You Have Astral Traveled to a Lower Plane of Existence

This can occur when your consciousness has been awakened and you are open to spiritual experiences. Normally, what happens is that when you are asleep your spirit will become restless or bored in your physical body and will decide to venture off. You typically won’t recall these experiences but sometimes it can happen and it can be confused for a subconscious dream state.

The lower plane is the densest and darkest place to be astral travelling. If you are aware and generally have some control of your dreams you can try to pull yourself up and out of this plane.  You can call on protector spirit guides or angels to help you navigate out. If you believe in the presence and power of the angels try calling on Archangel Michael to protect you from lower vibrational entities and any other negative occurrences in this state.

Flashes of Past Life Hardships and Recurring Soul Lessons

Sometimes, if you are about to go through a recurring soul lesson (read more about soul lessons and recurring soul patterns here) that could not be completed in a past life or that you could have handled differently in a past life, your higher-self, guides, or angels may find it necessary to give you a reminder of what went wrong or to prepare you to find a new solution so that you can properly handle this upcoming or current life lesson that you are or will face that relates to the certain past life you had been dreaming of.

It can feel pretty icky to receive a dream of this type, but it really is a blessing in the fact that you can acknowledge it, come to terms with it, and possibly view situations in your life from a new perspective therefore resulting in you being able to choose your reactions more wisely.

If you can choose to react with the intent of love and understanding rather than rash or negative behavior during life’s lessons this may end up closing the chapter on that particular life lesson your soul needs to learn.

If this seems to be the cause of your bad dreams or nightmares it may be helpful to you to find a spiritual advisor or shaman who can guide you through a past life regression to help you come to terms with what may be weighing on you from past lifetimes.

Last but not least,

Influences from the Media or Other Encounters in Your Waking Life

There can be a lot of negative visuals and influences floating around the media and even though you may not be paying attention to them, they can still enter your subconscious and be pushed out of your mind until it’s time for your subconscious to clear out all the “mind junk” you are no longer needing to store in your psyche. This process can come through in the form of bad dreams or nightmares.

Another factor that may be contributing to these bad dreams could be encounters you’ve had with others during the day or throughout your waking life. Maybe these encounters weren’t bad in an obvious sense but perhaps you subconsciously received “bad vibes” from these individuals that did not begin to surface until you began to dream.

This does not necessarily mean that the people you negatively dream about are bad people in real life but perhaps you had an inner preconceived notion about them.

If you are a strong empath who either doesn’t know that you are one, or you do not practice grounding and protecting your energy, you can be highly susceptible to having others intentionally or unintentionally affect your energy.  Click here to read another article I wrote about Guarding Yourself in Social Situations For Empaths and Highly Sensitives.

If you are finding that your bad dreams or nightmares are affecting your waking life it might be imperative to reach out to a counselor to help you work through them and the emotions they are making you feel and experience.

I hope this article has helped you find the source of your negative dreams and I hope that you can find a way to cope and release them in a healthy way.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Danielle Gray




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