Soul Lessons and Recurring Soul Patterns

Our souls are the essence of our being, the spiritual part of ourselves that lives on forever, it leaves our physical body when we pass on from this world, it journeys through different planes of existence to the spirit world, and will likely come back to this world in a different body to experience new lessons along with the members of their own personal soul group (soulmates, romantic or otherwise that play different roles in your lives as different people to help with your soul growth and karmic cycles.)

Now that I’ve cleared up what a soul is I will explain what a soul lesson is.

A soul lesson is simply a lesson or multitude of lessons your soul needs to learn to achieve maximum soul growth or to balance or break the cycles of karma from previous lifetimes, or even karma from this current lifetime.

A soul lesson is something that each of us deals with on vastly different levels. You may have what feels like an abundant lifestyle with lots of love and compassion from others or on the other side of things you may feel poverty stricken, experience much conflict with others, or continue to experience negative cycles and patterns recurring in your life.

It seems like a simple enough concept; you treat others the way you want to be treated and remain morally in check and you should fly through life like you’re an eagle soaring in freedom.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. As humans we are imperfect, we have egos that want to protect us by making us feel important and emotionally guarded but can sometimes promote a touch of narcissism, and often times we can’t control other’s actions that can affect us personally and at deep levels.

Not everybody has been taught how to handle their emotions or the reactions that come from these deep and vulnerable aspects.

 The majority of soul lessons have to do with emotions such as anger, jealousy, greed, our perspectives, how we handle certain situations, how we allow others and even ourselves to treat us, and our reactions to these individual situations. Simply put, we need to learn to be fully responsible for every action or intention we put out into the universe.

Many people will continue to experience a pattern in soul lessons. It could be throughout one specific lifetime or be weaved into multiple lifetimes if the soul has not been able to learn what it has set out to. These are referred to as recurring soul lessons.

Recurring soul lessons will continue to plague you and your life until you understand fully the lesson you need to learn or you change your perspective on things.

Here is an example of a recurring soul lesson.

You keep finding yourself falling in love with the wrong people. Perhaps instead of blaming it on the people you choose to invest your time with, you may want to change your perspective to your own level of self-love and respect. Perhaps, the lesson you need to learn is that you will continue to attract individuals that treat you the way you have been allowing yourself to be treated or the way you subconsciously have been treating yourself. In this case you may need to re-evaluate different aspects of yourself to see how you could be treating yourself with more love and respect.

Once you begin to show yourself the love and respect you deserve you will raise your vibration and this will help to knock off any lower vibrations that try to weave themselves into your life. You may find that once you begin this process you will attract completely different relationships into your life, romantic or otherwise.

How can we find out what recurring soul lessons need to be learned in our own life so we can grow our soul and balance or break our karmic cycle?

Take out a pen and a piece of paper and find a quiet distraction free area.

Take a few minutes to ground yourself and guard yourself from allowing any negative emotions or memories to attach themselves to your energy.

Now, take some deep breaths and try to release any stagnant or distracting thoughts. Give them acknowledgement and then watch them dissolve in your mind or flow away from you.

Think back to different scenarios and situations in your life that challenged you. What emotions did you feel? What were your reactions in each of these scenarios or situations? What did others involved in the situation say or do? What was your soul crying out for in each of these situations? Attention, help, love?

As you’re looking back on these memories you may feel a certain emotion or reaction stand out to you. This could be a lesson your soul has learned or is in the midst of trying to learn. How can you learn to look at this emotion or those reactions differently? What responsibility can you take for yourself that will help you to learn this lesson or recurring lesson?

I hope this article helps you to understand more about soul lessons and recurring lessons and that it has given you some understanding about your own soul lessons.

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