Out of Body Experiences and How to Induce One WITHOUT Mind Altering Drugs

Have you ever felt like that dream you had the other night was all too vivid?

Maybe last week you started to “daze off” and the people around you started trying to get your attention because you were staring off into space, yet you have no recollection of what you were thinking about in those few minutes?

Or maybe sometimes those last few minutes lying in bed before you are out cold for the night you suddenly feel like you’ve drifted into a random place or situation you’ve never been before?

Say hello to the concept of out of body experiences. And no, drugs nor being on the edge of death are the only ways to experience them. You may be experiencing them more often than you think you are without even knowing it.

So what exactly is an out of body experience (or OBE)?

An out of body experience is the cause of your spirit or energy body stretching out through your heart, crown or soul star chakras while still being connected to our physical bodies and the earth. It is almost as though a whitish blue etheric cord which may or may not be visible during your out of body experience is the tether keeping your spiritual body connected to you. It stretches, flows, and is flexible enough that there are no limitations for your spiritual body. The only time this cord is no longer attached to your physical body is when your spirit is ready to pass on.

Here are a few examples of what it is like to experience an OBE without realizing you are.

Feeling Like You’ve “Blanked Out” and When You “Come To” It Feels Like You Lost a Few Minutes in Time

Not to be confused with daydreaming, this is when your spirit body may become restless or bored of being in your physical body at that moment in time. You likely will not remember the details of where you were in your mind at that time or it’s possible you’ve had a random image, “video”, or heard a sound or two you’re totally confused about. Or possibly you’ve seen a symbol such as an animal, color, shape, or other symbol and you get curious enough to search for the meaning of it and find that it in fact does resonate with you.

On the other hand, if you are daydreaming, you are likely to remember what it was you were daydreaming about vividly.

Right Before Going to Sleep or Right After Waking Up

In these few moments before falling asleep or upon waking up our thoughts and ego tend to be not as consciously aware as they normally are. Much like being in a meditative state, your mind is more open and your body is relaxed to the point that your spirit can drift off to a different space.

When your thoughts and ego are much more aware they tend to get in the way of experiencing these sensations and processing them without feelings of doubt or fear which can create a brick wall to allowing you to have an OBE.

Vivid Dreams

Often times when we are dreaming it can be a number of things causing these dreams. First off if you’ve remembered a dream think about all the details. Does it seem to be totally jumbled with odds and ends of situations, images, etc. that you’ve been experiencing or seeing in your waking life prior? This could mean that the dream you just had was just your subconscious trying to clear out unnecessary “mind junk” or your subconscious’ way of ridding negative emotions and experiences from your mind to promote emotional healing.

But, perhaps you’ve had a dream in which you had control of your actions and words, one where you met up with a passed on loved one, acquaintance, or even a spiritual guide or angels. This is a great example of astral travelling (a common form of an out of body experience.) Dreams where you’ve received messages, had clear conversations, and details that were vividly remembered are highly likely personal out of body experiences.

Here’s another article on dreams.


Often times when you are deep in meditation you may experience the sensation of being in a totally different place. You may find yourself in a new peaceful location, one you’ve never been and haven’t crafted by your imagination. The main difference between knowing it is your imagination and if you are having an out of body experience is that you can pick up lots of details and things either look familiar and give you a sense of déjà vu or on the opposite side of the spectrum you may feel like this scenario is totally new and you see details that you’ve never seen before.

Near Death Experiences

In a near death experience it is often said that you will astral project out of your body and may see yourself in the frightening situation of you on the edge of dying. You may see your loved ones surrounding you or you may begin to see loved ones that have already passed on, spirit guides, or angels surrounding your spiritual body.

It has been said in certain cases that individuals have been able to fly up and explore while in this near death state.

How to Induce an Out of Body Experience Without Psychedelics or Drugs

What You Need

A comfortable, calm, and distraction free area, relaxing essential oils or fragrances (optional), notebook and pen to record experiences, meditation or calming music (also optional.)

Find your comfortable area either sitting or lying down and close your eyes.

Begin to take a few deep breaths, visualizing inhaling white cleansing and purifying light while on the exhale visualize yourself ridding any lingering thoughts or tension. Imagine a bright ball of white blue energy is shining throughout your body. Now visualize a flexible cord the same color emerging from that ball of energy flowing deep into the earth through your feet. This will help ground you and keep you connected to the physical body while you are out exploring with your spiritual body. Know that you are in control and completely safe during this experience.

Now, relax your body starting with your feet and ending at your crown. Focus on allowing your body to feel as if it is sinking into wherever you are sitting or lying down while at the same time allowing it to feel like your body is weightless. This can take some time but is quite imperative to inducing an out of body experience at will.

Create the intention that you want to experience an out of body experience. Do not force anything to happen, but allow this thought to go out to the universe.

Visualize that flexible cord (still rooted to the earth) stretching up as far as it can go naturally. Imagine it either following a small ball of white or golden light to wherever it leads you, or entering a white light filled doorway and allow whatever occurs afterwards to happen naturally.

Do not create any expectations of what you will or want to experience. Doing this will only stimulate your imagination and it may become unclear whether it’s your imagination or a real out of body experience. If you find yourself creating scenarios unintentionally take the time to go back to focusing on your breath or if you are listening to meditation music you can try to focus on certain beats to help keep your mind free of other distractions.

Now allow yourself to experience any emotions, feelings, images, or messages you may receive naturally. Try not to allow your thoughts to interrupt because this may derail the experience.

This may take a few tries or sessions to actually begin to experience an actual out of body experience. Don’t give up too quick.

Take notes of each experience immediately afterwards to find anything that resonates with you that may be helpful or uplifting to you.

You may also find that you can achieve an out of body experience through guided meditations you can find online, creating the intention before you go to sleep that you would like to experience an out of body experience and that you’d like to remember it, or by finding a professional who can guide you through the process in person, over the phone, or by skype.

I hope this article helps you on your spiritual journey!

Love and Light,

Danielle Gray



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