A Technique to Help Cope With the Loss of a Loved One

Very recently I lost someone dear to me, my grandfather. He had decided to stop his fight with cancer. Though we live miles apart he had still impacted my life by being present and engaged in a lot of my childhood memories. And even though I knew he was going to cross over to the other side soon, once he did it hit me, and so began the grieving process.

Here is a technique that can help with the grieving process when a loss of a loved one has occurred.

This technique is best done when you have no distractions and have some time to cry and allow yourself to process some of the raw emotions you are feeling.

All you need for this is a piece of paper, a pen, and candles and or other relaxing fragrances are optional, and an atmosphere that is comfortable to you.

Once you get to your distraction free and comfortable area take out your pen and paper.

You are going to begin the process of writing a letter. This is only for you and for your passed on love one so feel free to be real, raw, vulnerable, and completely authentic.

In this letter begin by sharing all the good memories. The memories you shared with your loved one, the memories you shared with your friends or family that your loved one wasn’t able to participate in but you wished they could have attended, and any other memory you would like your loved one to be aware of.

Next, write out what this loved one has taught you. Write down all the ways this person has impacted your life for the better, how this person was a role model in your life, etc.

Now, write out what all the things you were thankful for from this individual. Did their sense of humor brighten up your day? Did this person go above and beyond to ensure you were comfortable, happy, or successful?

Lastly, write out everything you wished you could say to them as if they were standing right there in front of you. Allow yourself to have a conversation with this loved one, imagine what they would say back to you.

Once you are finished writing out your letter to your dearly departed loved one take your letter and hold it up to your heart space.  Create a strong intention that they are able to read it wherever they are at in their soul’s journey. You can even ask for them to send you a sign in the future to let you know that they received your letter.

You can ask them to send you an angel number, dimes, feathers, or even a symbol that is shared between the two of you.  Don’t focus too strongly on how you will receive this sign, when you receive it you will feel that it is this loved one who is sending you this sign. It may come through as a licence plate, an image may pop up in your mind, your dreams, or you may even notice this sign through the media or a billboard.

Remember, your loved one is now in spirit and they are only a prayer or thought away.

My condolences,

Danielle Gray

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