6 Reasons Why Your Intuition May Not Be Developing

Your intuition is one of the most important aspects of yourself. Your intuition is known as your internal compass or personal GPS. It can lead you away from dangerous situations or events or on the other hand your intuition can lead you to passion fulfilling opportunities or even miracles that can change your life.

What is your intuition? Your intuition is the inner knowing or feeling that you know something is true even if you don’t have all the facts to back that truth up. You may feel a sensation in your stomach almost like butterflies you experience when you’re falling in love, you may get goosebumps, hear the whispers,  feel the space in your chest flutter, or just have a general “knowing” that cannot be persuaded or influenced.

Your intuition will often lead you to the “right place at the right time” to help align you with the people, situations, or circumstances that prove to be beneficial for your personal growth and to help you get on the right track to fulfilling your highest potential.

It can also give you the feeling or sensation that you shouldn’t attend a certain gathering, take a certain road, or meet up with a particular person to help deter you from what could have been a chaotic disaster or dangerous situation for you.

Here are some ways that inhibit you from deepening or becoming in tune with your intuition.


Stress is the root of a lot of physical and emotional problems. One of the ways stress can affect your body is by decreasing your nutrient absorption. Likely, if you are not able to retain all the most important nutrients you will be feeling fatigued and exhausted. When you are fatigued or exhausted you may have trouble retaining information as your body fights to stay on top of everything else going on.

In order to effectively feel your intuition you will want to have energy and a sharp, clear mind. Your body may be physically and mentally stressed and in turn you aren’t able to concentrate or even notice the subtle signs coming from your intuition.

Another way that stress plays a role on your body is by decreasing gut flora populations. What this means is that the stress hormone is destroying the good bacteria in your gut. This in turn can cause digestive distress.

If you’re anything like me and you experience your intuition primarily through your stomach then you may not be able to feel your intuition’s subtle stomach prompting.

So rest and take care of yourself when need be and try to limit the negative or toxic influences that may be affecting you and your ability to clearly receive guidance from your intuition.

Too Much Technology

This is a big one especially in this day and age. You may need to use technology for work or just have the tv turned on in the background when you are at home. But, when you are in constant interaction with technology all around the clock then you may be subconsciously distracting yourself from your intuition.

When you are submerged in technology you don’t have the chance to be fully engaged with your present moment and everything going on around you.

In order to deepen your connection with your intuition it’s necessary to remove yourself from distractions and allow yourself to feel the energies around you, become in tune with your body and all the sensations it is feeling, and to feel grounded. When you are surfing social media or listening to the tv while multitasking it then becomes hard to be fully engaged in the present moment.

Not Being in the Present Moment

Your intuition is all about the here and the now. When you are constantly focusing on your past or consistently anxious about the future you are not allowing yourself to be in the present moment. The past and the future are distractions from your intuition. Of course, looking back on fond memories or creating a structure and action steps for goals in your future are necessary, but it is still imperative to take time to be in the here and now. How are you supposed to allow your intuition to take you to those new and auspicious opportunities if you aren’t living in the moment occasionally?

Having Too Much On Your Plate

If you don’t have enough time to focus on YOU, then how are you supposed to know when your intuition is calling to you? It is so important to help and do good deeds for others, but there needs to be a set boundary so that you can have enough time and energy to help you rise up to the leads of your intuition.

Again, if you are giving your all to everybody else you may be stressing yourself out. Scroll up again to point one about how stress can affect your ability to receive information intuitively.

Not Enough Time in Nature

Being in nature amongst the four elements (air-wind, fire-sun, water-lakes, rivers, ocean, earth-the ground, plants being rooted in the ground) has profound effects on your well-being. It can help decrease stress and gives you the feeling of being connected with everything.

Being out in nature can bring out our primitive selves in the sense that we feel back to our roots so to speak.  This feeling can stimulate our body’s natural responses in a positive way. This includes our intuition.

Being away from man-made structures and the chaos of society can promote a sense of peace and personal clarity. There’s nothing more stimulating for you to be able to perceive and receive guidance from your intuition than this way.


Having a Lack of Belief or Disregard towards Your Intuitive Nudges and Synchronocities

If you don’t believe in your intuition or begin to stop paying attention to it, it may become more subtle and subtle until you don’t notice it anymore.

How can something occur for you if you keep shutting it down and telling yourself it isn’t real?

If you are having trouble believing in your ability to be intuitive maybe you should consider a journal that tracks all the occurrences you have been experiencing and continue writing in this journal until you feel confident you are ready to believe and trust in your intuition and the benefits it has for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, I wish you well in your intuitive development! Follow it and watch the magical occurrences happen in your life.

Danielle Gray




2 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Your Intuition May Not Be Developing”

  1. Is it possible to be/have the gift of more than one clair? I feel as though i am equal parts of clair/sentient and cognizant..Im not sure which i am more of.. My feeling of people and their intentions as well as truths is always right and there are things or answers i just know and have no clue how..i just know that i didnt know the answer or any fact of.


    1. Yes! You can definitely have more than one clair at a time! It is also not unheard of to open and develop new clairs as time goes by if you keep up developing your spiritual and psychic abilities. 🙂


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