Guarding Yourself in Social Situations for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

When you are an empath (someone who deeply feels the emotions of those around them) and highly sensitive people then going out to big gatherings or even to the grocery store may pose certain challenges.  The main challenge being overwhelmed by the energies and emotions others are giving off.

If you are an empath or highly sensitive and you aren’t properly grounding or guarding yourself in these instances you can be left feeling overwhelmed, irritable, or other negative emotions which can affect your personal life and relationships you have separate from those you encountered who left you feeling this way.

As an empath myself, I found that going out was one of the biggest challenges in my life. I hated parties and social gatherings and would need to drink in order to not feel the intensity of everybody’s energies during these situations. I had developed social anxiety because of this.  Now that I’ve learned how to ground and guard myself emotionally I have completely given up drinking and I am now confident in going out and interacting with crowds and I am no longer stuck feeling the symptoms of social anxiety.

Before I start discussing the technique I have learned and found incredibly helpful I want to bring up a very important concept that I have learned along the way in my journey. This concept is “Energy Vampires.”

What is an energy vampire? An energy vampire is somebody who is very negative and pessimistic and knows and understands this about him or herself. They don’t care if their negativity brings others down with them. This person may be lacking in compassion and empathy. In psychology terms this person is labelled a “narcissist.” These are people that no matter how much compassion or empathy you show them they will never reciprocate it. They do not care about your well-being so steer clear if you run into one if you can help it. Don’t try changing them as they will not unless they themselves are willing to change and get help from a mental health professional.

You may not have control of being around energy vampires or narcissists in social gatherings or when you are out and about doing your shopping but grounding and guarding may be able to help you in these instances.

Before you go out in public or are anticipating a crowded gathering give this grounding and guarding technique a try and continually do this until it becomes second nature to you and you will start noticing a difference when you go out.

Step One:  Rooting Your Energy

If you can, find a space outside (optional, but preferable) where you can stand or sit down comfortably with your feet on the ground or the floor. Take a few deep breaths and allow your body to relax and almost “sink” into your environment.

Close your eyes and imagine you have a ball of energy or light (any color you want, I visualize a bright whitish blue color) in the middle of your core abdomen. Keeping this light or energy ball there deep inside of you allow it to spread down your legs and through your feet. Root this energy deep into the core of the earth. Visualize a strong connection that cannot be uprooted.  If you want to you can also imagine a cleansing bright white light coming back up through this connection clearing all the negative or unappealing emotions you may be dealing with at the moment to help you feel more clear minded.

This technique helps you to bring your body and mind into the present moment.

Step 2: Creating a Protection Shield

Now once you have this deep connection to the earth and feel “cleansed,” take a minute to visualize yourself being surrounded by an impenetrable white or bright colored shield of light. Take the time to make this light feel as strong as you want it to be. This will be your “guard.”

Step 3: Intention, Intention, Intention

Create the intention that you will be protected and are adamant on not letting other people’s emotions and energies influence any part of you. None of the above will work unless you create a very strong intention for yourself.

Another tip for when you are in a social gathering, party, or just out and about doing errands and you are highly affected by the energies and influences of others is when you begin to overthink the situation and feel at a loss of words because your mind is becoming anxious is to physically ground yourself in the environment you are in.

How can you physically ground yourself in your environment to keep your head on your shoulders in social situations?

First of all, acknowledge the thoughts and worries that plague your mind in social situations and then allow them to be freed from your mind. Visualize them disappearing or being put in a box to later come back to.

Next, use one of your five senses to bring you back to reality. Touch something and really feel the texture of it. Listen to the chatter going on around you and really concentrate on what is being said. Look at something close to you and analyze the details of it. If it is possible you can either smell something or taste something as well to help get you back out of your head.  Allow your senses to be fully engaged.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and I hope you have a great day!

Danielle Gray




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