Maximizing Your Potential This Full Moon and Rituals to Try

In this article I’m going to discuss what the full moon represents for us and our inner emotions, what you can do about it to better your life in the upcoming month, and rituals that can help boost the effects of the full moon.

What does the full moon represent for us and our emotions?

The full moon heightens certain hidden aspects of us. This includes our deepest inner emotions, desires, and creativity.  This is the time to allow those aspects to come out so we can better understand what it is we really want to become. Think of it as our underlying subconscious is surfacing certain frequencies and energies that are illuminated by the moon’s positive frequencies or energies.

The full moon can help us to realize our path better and in doing so gives us a deeper chance of achieving our inner desires and finding out motivations so we can better succeed.  Along with the illumination from the full moon comes our “shadows” that may also surface.

These shadows may represent our limiting beliefs, obstacles, fear of success and achieving our desires, and toxic or negative energies and influences holding us back in our lives.

This is not a bad thing as once we see and acknowledge these “shadows” we have a chance to brighten them with the light we all have within us. Acknowledging these shadows may intimidate us, but once found we can then work on bringing the light and positive aspects into them so we can overcome them.

What should we do when we experience the full moon and feel it’s energies and frequencies each month?

To maximize your potential, dreams, and inner desires you should write them down.

On the day or night of the full moon you can write down a list of all the things you want to achieve in your life for the upcoming month. Not just material things even though this is fun to do as well, but also how you want to feel for the next month emotionally.

Write down things that make you feel motivated, positive, and that give you zest for life and your path or journey. Things such as “I want to feel more compassion towards myself and others” or “I want to find out what motivates me so I can achieve my dreams” are positive things that can be manifested in your life.

Allow yourself to sit in a quiet area where you won’t be disturbed when doing this because this gives you the chance to let more intuitive hidden feelings come to surface. Let any thoughts pop up because these may reveal hidden clues to your desires and aspirations.

Once you have these written down make the intention so that these positive energies and frequencies can be felt wholeheartedly through the universe so that it solidifies to have a better chance of those intentions being reciprocated back to you.  Throughout the month take a few minutes each day re-reading what you wrote down so you can help yourself manifest what it is you truly desire.

Next, write out any fears, emotions you want to keep at bay, any negative or toxic energies or frequencies you don’t want to be present in your life anymore, and any limiting beliefs that you feel are holding you back on your life journey.

With this list, create a strong intention that you would like these removed from your life. Let the universe know you are ready to shed these things from your life. Spend some time envisioning those words being dissipating and disappearing out of your life. Now you can get rid of this list by ripping it up, burning it (remember fire safety before doing this method), burying it where it won’t have the chance to be dug up, or by simply tossing it into the garbage.

You can then meditate on the first list you created highlighting how you want the upcoming month to go so that you can better manifest those things into your life.

Common Full Moon Rituals to Try

There is no right or wrong way to experience and celebrate what the full moon has to offer you. Allow any positive thoughts and intentions to linger with you and all the negative ones to pass by you.

Writing down your dreams, desires, and any fears and limiting beliefs written above is the first ritual I would highly suggest to become more in touch and in tune with your inner emotions.

Sitting under the full moon and bathing in its light while meditating on what you want to manifest and let go of is another fantastic ritual to try or incorporate into your full moon ritual.

If you are a healing crystal lover this is one of the best ways to cleanse and recharge your crystal collection. Simply put all your crystals in a bowl or box left open so that the moon’s energies and frequencies can touch it. It doesn’t matter if it is cloudy, it will still be effective in cleansing and charging them. Just be careful not to leave them too exposed as this may catch the eye of a bird or animal attracted to shiny objects.

Have a salt bath surrounded by white or relaxing scented candles and healing crystals that are meant for positivity and connecting with your inner intuition. This can help cleanse and recharge your entire being during the full moon. This ritual can also help to clear your chakras or negative energies surrounding you if you have the intention for this.

Cutting cords. This is an exercise to help you get rid of any lingering negative emotions associated with your being. It helps you to rid attachments to negative situations or people that you feel are still tied to you and your emotions.

You can do this with a few different methods. Take a selenite wand and roll it a foot from your body and over your entire being while envisioning cords attached to these influences being melted away.

You can also envision a giant sword cutting these ties if you don’t have a selenite wand handy. Once you are finished, imagine any weights being lifted away from yourself so you can feel lighter and more refreshed emotionally and spiritually.

Have a gathering with like-minded individuals to help increase positive energies. This will boost the wanted energies and create an atmosphere to help you rid negative energies and emotions. You can do this in person or even online with a community of trusted individuals with the same intentions regarding the full moon.

I wish you all the best during this full moon and the upcoming month! May you become more in tune with your intuition and inner desires!

Danielle Gray




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