Messages and Symbols in Dreams

Dreams are one of those things in life that can leave you scratching your head asking, “What just happened and what does it mean?”

A majority of dreams are a mystery that you should generally solve to help you piece together certain subconscious clues to help you deal with your emotions, confront those long-time hidden fears, or to help you push past certain roadblocks in your life.

Whether or not you believe the symbols, images, and emotions from your dreams come from your subconscious or from spirit guides, angels, and loved ones there is one aspect that is true for both scenarios.  This aspect is your own hidden aspects; emotional or otherwise.

If you believe your subconscious is the force behind your dreams then this means that whatever you have chosen to ignore or displace in your mind is coming to the surface so that you can deal with it in a healthy way so you can move forward productively in your life.

This is the same when it comes to those spiritually inclined that are receiving messages from your higher self, spirit guides, angels, and even passed on loved ones. You may be receiving messages through these individualized symbols to help guide you on your human life experience.

Rarely are dreams literally portraying the message as you see in your dreams. For example, last night I had a dream that I was afraid of a grizzly bear that was actually trying to help me. I am obviously not going to go out and find myself a grizzly bear and ask him how he would like to help me. I’d probably be eaten or at the very least attacked.

Instead, this dream may be portraying that the things I most want, but need help with may be able to happen if I wasn’t so afraid of facing my fears (grizzly bears.) And this can be applied whether it’s come from my subconscious or through a spiritual means.

I’ve found that this is especially true for recurring dreams. If you are constantly having the same weird and puzzling dream over and over, then something is trying extremely hard to get your attention.  Take note of the symbols, images, colors, and feelings that stood out most to you. Most of the time if you can figure out what your dream is trying to tell you and you start taking steps to work out that part of your waking life those dreams will usually stop.

How do you decipher your dreams?

Firstly, take a few minutes each morning you wake up remembering your dreams even if what you remember is next to nothing and write down every last detail that really stood out to you. This includes colors, animals, people, places, objects, and most importantly the emotions or feelings you felt during your dreams as this is one of the biggest puzzle pieces.

Next, when you have some time look up what those symbols mean. A quick google search will heed tons of results. Take time to find meanings that resonate with your life and your current situations.

Lastly, take some time to see how these meanings can be used as a learning or coping tool. What can you do to sort out current situations or feelings that the clues in your dream have given you?

Danielle Gray




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