What Nature Can Teach You

Nature is still and silent, yet it can also be destructive and damaging. If you let it, it can teach you many lessons.

After a two hour walk with my babies this afternoon I feel downright refreshed, relaxed, and grounded. It was incredibly peaceful and along my walk I was inspired to write about what nature can teach you.

As someone who suffered with anxiety and allowed my thoughts and emotions to control me I didn’t take the time to really appreciate nature. I lived in my head and my perceptions created a reality that didn’t involve the appreciation of what was all around me. I was being self-destructive.

Now fast forward a couple years into the future and it’s a totally different story. Now I take the time to allow myself to be aware of the entirety of my surroundings and with it have learned a lot of valuable lessons from mother earth herself.

Trees are Deeply Rooted in Nature and Only Destruction Can Uproot Them

As humans we are sometimes easily persuaded by our emotions or fear to not stand our ground and when that happens we begin to uplift from our “roots” or the things we stand for. During these times when we’re uncomfortable or in a bad situation we need to learn to keep our roots deep and strong so we can follow through with what we believe is best for ourselves. I’m not saying don’t take others opinions or ideals into opinion, but stand tall and firm in what you believe in. If you become “uprooted” you may feel like you have “fallen” in an emotional sense just as a tree that has been uprooted will eventually need to fall because it’s rooted support system is no longer there.

Nature Has No Drama on a Calm and Silent Day

When it’s peaceful and nature is in a state of awe serenity it has no “drama.” What I mean by that is that nature is just still. It just is. It doesn’t linger over past actions, mistakes, or live inside its head when there is no need to do so. What this can teach humans is that if there’s no emergency or real cause for there to be drama then just let it be. Take in everything you can with gratitude and peacefulness rather than creating unnecessary drama or bad emotions.

Nothing in Nature is in Need of Approval

All trees and plants are not in competition with one another therefore they allow themselves to grow and flourish at their own pace. They don’t care if another tree grows bigger or if another plant blooms more flowers. They don’t seek the approval of anything else. You don’t hear a tree say to another tree,I must not be a good enough tree if I can’t get bigger than I already am.

What this can teach humans is that you are your own individual with a completely different mindset, life path, personal abilities, upbringing, etc. You don’t NEED to be in competition or approval of others. Flourish into the person you want to be and grow from there.

Nature Can Be Destructive

Tornadoes, hurricanes, erupting volcanoes, floods, etc. Just as nature has a destructive side, we as humans do and always will as well. The only difference is that when it comes to nature, its thoughts and emotions can’t cope or reframe their way of thinking. Nature just is.

What this can teach humans is that yes, there are destructive thoughts and emotions but just because nature can’t cope or reframe its thoughts doesn’t mean humans can’t. We will always at some points in our lives be consumed with negative thinking and possibly self-destructive habits but at an evolutionary level we CAN learn to control them.

Next time you’re out in nature be still and silent and allow it to teach you something.

Danielle Gray





Featured Image Credit to: Photo by André Cook from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/green-grass-field-and-green-tress-during-day-time-131723/

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