Limiting Beliefs and Your Potential

What are limiting beliefs? They are beliefs that have been ingrained into your persona from your past that limit your ability to be or do what you want.  Generally your beliefs stem from the way you were raised as a young child, the material you had been taught or shown by parents, caregivers, teachers, peers, the media etc.

As you grow up and experience the world and are subjected to different influences you begin to create your own belief system and world view. Everybody has their own unique “reality map” and view of the world. Beliefs and personal world views are what make our world rich in culture and individuality.  The problem with this is that MANY of the beliefs you have are limiting your personal growth or development without you even realizing it. This may be a big factor in why you haven’t been able to manifest the life you desire.

This is why I am a big believer in contemplating everything you hear about other’s views or the way you see yourself. Not to confuse yourself but to challenge the beliefs you have in case they are hindering your personal growth or development.  Rarely in life are things black and white. There are usually all different shades of color in between and you may want to start looking at your beliefs that way as well.

Some belief systems people have ingrained in them are about money, spirituality, relationships, careers, etc.  Each person has their own unique view or belief about each of these topics. Here’s an example of how a limiting belief can create less than satisfactory results when it comes to your personal development.

Let’s say you grew up in a home where your income was below average.  Do you tend to believe that there is a certain “ceiling” to how much money you can make if you came from a below average income household?

Your beliefs play a major role in how far you can take yourself on your life’s journey. If you believe you’re going to be stuck working a 9-5 job and only making a certain amount of money then you may not be able to spot the opportunities to make more money than what you believe you can.

You can be the most intelligent human on this planet but if your beliefs are that you can only get so far then that is as far as you will go. Plain and simple.

Challenge your beliefs. This is the one way to really find out which ones are prohibiting you from further developing your personal growth and stopping you from getting what you really want out of your life.

Letting your limiting beliefs stop you from being happy or following a life path that you want is self- sabotage.

Don’t let your limiting beliefs warp your sense of what you think you can or can’t do in this lifetime.

Danielle Gray




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