How to Get Out of Your Head in 10 Minutes or Less

If you’ve read my other posts you’ll know that I suffered from some pretty bad anxiety. I lived in my head and rarely ever in the present moment. My worries and negative thoughts consumed me and created a dark veil over myself.

There are ways to get out of your head with a bit of practice. One of these ways is called physical grounding. If you’ve never heard the term physical grounding it basically means to be an active participant in the present moment of your life.

Getting out of your head and into the present moment can help you to cope with your anxiety or negative thoughts.  Yes, sometimes it feels like the proverbial shit has hit the fan and it may feel like you have no control but with practice you can learn to gain control and start living in the moment.

How to Physically Ground Yourself

Start by disconnecting with whatever situation is causing you to feel anxious or negative. Staying in a situation that makes you feel this way is usually not going to resolve your emotions. Take a few minutes to be on your own or with somebody that is supportive towards you.

Create your own personal calm breathing technique. In my certification I was trained to use a technique called 5-5-7. It works like this. You take five seconds to breathe in, hold that breath for five seconds and release that breath for seven seconds.

As you breathe in imagine this air is cleaning out all the worries and negative emotions you may be experiencing. On the breath out imagine all these things leaving your body. Allowing yourself to feel, see, hear, or sense anything physically going on as you are doing this. Try to smooth out any tension in your body through this breathe work.

Doing this a few times helps you connect to your body rather than your thoughts. If it takes you longer than a few times that’s fine.  It takes practice. This helps you slow down your heart rate, focus on your breathing and has somewhat of a relaxing effect.

Once you’ve done your breathing exercise it’s time to put all your focus on your senses. Listen to any background noise including vehicles driving by, birds singing, etc. Reach out and touch anything physical such as a soft blanket and really feel it. Go outside and smell the fresh air and really appreciate it. Engaging as many of your physical senses helps you to stay focused and grounded into the present moment as well as keeps you connected to everything around you in your physical reality.

Another great way to help in the grounding process is to journal. Write as much negativity out as you can. To journal is one of the best stress relievers out there. It’s a great way to reflect, track your personal development (which is super important if you want positive changes in your life), and release negative thoughts.

Are there different ways you like to ground yourself and live in the present moment? Let me know in the comments!

Danielle Gray



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