Can Creative Outlets Help Heal Inner Wounds?

What is a creative outlet? A creative outlet is an activity that allows you to let your inner emotions out in a healthy and productive way. It can be anything from journaling (I’m a HUGE advocate for journaling,) painting, drawing, coloring, dancing, crafting, singing, basically any activity that allows you to let pent up energy flow out of you.

Creative outlets can be a way of expressing yourself through your passions. You don’t need to showcase your “creativeness” or make a big deal out of it as long as you let those sad or happy emotions flow.

Having a creative outlet has the following amazing benefits:

Helps You on Your Path to Self-Discovery

Becoming invested in a creative outlet you are gets your creative juices flowing and gives you a chance to discover what it is you are head over heels passionate about.  Not only does it help you to discover what you’re passionate about but it also gives you a chance to clear your head so you have a chance to listen to that little voice or inner guidance that becomes suppressed by stress, worrying, and thinking about the negative moments or situations from your past.

On your path to self-discovery you have to figure out what you’re strengths are, what you enjoy, and what you want to do more of. Imagine figuring out you love to write but you would never give yourself a chance to sit down and actually just write and you might feel that little spark in your soul start to light up.

Feeds The Good in Your Soul and Deprives Your Inner Shadows:

If you are struggling with inner shadows the thing you might need most is a hobby that will make you not so focused on those struggles. It’s all a part of feeding the good side of you so you can starve and deprive the negative.  Again, clearing your head and making space for more positivity to enter your life.

The Perfect Stress Reliever:

Imagine sitting down, throwing on your favorite music, getting ready to get cozy into your writing or drawing or perhaps getting ready to create a beautiful mess of paint, glue, and/or art supplies. Carving out some time for just you and your imagination can be a huge stress reliever. Getting away from social media, binging on tv, and just letting your mind get busy on something you enjoy is a HUGE stress reliever.

So, do I think a creative outlet can help heal your inner wounds? Yes, because it healed mine.

I had gone through a pregnancy and was six months along when I found out my baby had passed away. I grieved quietly in my own way and had bottled up my emotions. I wouldn’t even talk to my family and friends about it.

One day shortly after the universe decided my pastels and sketch book needed to fall out of my closet so that I could find my own way of dealing with and healing my inner wounds. I started drawing and coloring with a lot of darkness. Awhile after that I noticed the more I dedicated time to this creative outlet my drawings became brighter and happier. I didn’t need to release the negative energy anymore because I had let it all out in the beginning.  Yes, I’ll always think about it having that creative outlet helped me grieve and move forward.

Here’s another great article on the health benefits of creativity. You can find it by clicking here.

Danielle Gray




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