4 Ways to Connect to Your Intuition

Intuition is a very special gift that humans were graced with. It has led people to living a more fulfilled life and it’s saved people from life-threatening situations.

What is intuition exactly?

The dictionary definition is “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.”  This is such a cool concept as it’s so primal and can be considerably life changing if followed throughout your lifetime.

Here’s another great article on the power of intuition.

But how do you follow it? How do you know if it’s intuition or just your ego rationalizing something?

You can begin to sense it and follow it once you’ve established what it feels like. This can feel different to everybody but generally most people (myself included) describe it as a gut feeling that feels it fits perfect in whatever situation you’re dealing with.  You’ll have a sense of complete knowing whether something is right or wrong. You just know and don’t need any rational evidence to back it up.

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Here are some ways to get you started on learning to connect with your intuition.

Learn to Engage All Your Senses in the Present Moment

In order to connect with the energies and feelings going on around you to feel the entirety of a situation you must be fully present and aware of everything around you. Take in all the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings. Really let your body fully engage. This helps you connect to your intuition by getting a feeling of what’s really going on around you in the physical and not just what is going on in your head. Often we allow our mind to control outside perceptions while not actually taking in the whole picture of what’s really going on in any given situation.

Use Less Technology

Technology inhibits us to be present and aware in our surroundings and can hinder our awareness with what’s going on all around us as we mindlessly watch tv, surf the internet, or scroll through social media. This is more or less a distraction from what’s going on around us. The more technology you’re constantly engaging with the less chance you have to develop your intuition.

Connect with Nature

Nature is the best way to clear your mind and connect with the “oneness” of the earth and everything in it. The trees and plants growing are giving off oxygen and helping to sustain our lives as humans here on earth. When you go out into nature and allow yourself to be one with it you will start to connect with your primal instincts that humans naturally have but have been bogged down by technology, societal beliefs, and other influential factors that have driven mankind off living and being one with “the grid.”

The more time spent out in nature the more you start to connect back to these primal instincts, intuition being the main one.  If you don’t have access to getting out in nature try creating a mini garden or area in your home that you can have a few plants and take the time to enjoy them, watch them grow, and allow yourself to connect with them.

Connect Yourself to Your Body’s Sensations

Many times when people describe intuition it involves a physical aspect. They felt tingling or a feeling in their guts. When you can be more in tune with your bodily sensations and can really connect with them on a deeper level and give those sensations your own personal meaning you will begin to feel more in tune with your intuition.  With much practice you will begin to really feel if something is right or wrong and can act accordingly (if you so wish.) Try a breathing exercise or meditation to allow yourself to feel every sensation fully to help develop this incredible gift.

Intuition is a gift and it should not be wasted. Take the time to appreciate this gift, use it, and see what comes of it. You will be glad you did.

Danielle Gray






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