Empowering Yourself During Hard Times

Often times as humans we get so caught up in feeling permanent guilt or shame due to bad decisions, mistakes, and past actions we likely regret. We sometimes start to believe that those actions are now in control of our life and who we are today.

Yes, it is true that those bad decisions do happen to shape us but they are not creating our entire realities. They are merely lessons or occasionally bittersweet blessings in disguise but they are NOT your “true self.” What would life be like if we only made good choices all the time anyways? What if everything was perfect all the time? I think it would be a pretty mundane and pointless world if that were the case.

There needs to be balance. Without bad times we would never know what good times were and without making mistakes there’d never be an opportunity to take responsibility and feel the peaceful yet exhilarating feeling one feels when discovering personal lessons and experiencing self-growth. Getting the chance to create the opportunity to make things right to be genuinely forgiven is a very fortunate gift. This “gift” causes invisible weight to be released from your mind and your heart and will give you a sense of peace. It may be painful at first but it feels so good to gain control over it.

There will always be highs and lows. They are completely inevitable. The only thing that isn’t written in stone is whether or not you train your mind to see around the “lows” and realize that this particular low will not last forever.

How do you begin to train your mind to be strategic and cope with the “lows?” There are many different answers because everybody has a different perspective and personal belief system. I’m just going to put one that most people can resonate with and the one that has propelled me the most in my journey of self-growth and anxiety issues. This is a simple, yet very effective daily ritual that only takes a couple of minutes.

Create a powerful set of personal empowerment phrases that correlate with your unique life.  These need to be completely unique to you. They can be as uplifting, deep, or as heavy or as light as you want them to be. There will never be a wrong “empowerment phrase” unless it is based out of fear, hurt, or anger.

Here are a few examples of personal empowerment phrases.

  • I am patient and understanding therefore I will learn to assess every situation with deeper understanding and will look at all perspectives before reacting in any way during any negative situation.
  • My past life lessons helped to prepare me for various challenges in my life and I will let go of any hate or negativity that I brought with me from those lessons.
  • I choose to try my hardest to only act out of love, nurturing, and understanding because if I act out in rage or anger I will only welcome more negativity into my life.

You can use statements that you believe to be true or statements you wish to be true. Either way, repeated to yourself daily or as often as possible you will create progress with training your mind to believe whatever personal empowerment statement you use. With this belief you will begin to act accordingly with what you are telling yourself. This is a small action step to take that can end up with great long-term results.

Congratulations for choosing to work on your personal self-growth, if you’re comfortable leave your favorite personal empowerment phrase in the comments below to spread the inspiration!

Danielle Gray




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