Are You Following Your Intuition or Anxiety?

I am a HUGE fan of following your intuition. It wasn’t always that way. I used to think intuition was nonsense but I was quite ignorant about the topic and didn’t know much about it. After doing my fair share of research, quieting my mind, and practicing following my intuition I realized I had unlocked a happier and more proactive part of myself.

Anxiety does NOT unlock a happier or more proactive part of anybody. It invokes a lot of imagined fear and prevents a lot of people from following through with their goals and desires. Anxiety feels suffocating and makes you doubt yourself and your abilities.

I believe that in order to grow yourself and enrich your life you need to be able to identify these anxious thoughts so you can shut them down before they manifest into a tangled web of self deception and self doubt.

How do you differentiate between the two?

Intuition basically means to know or to feel that something is right or wrong without actually “thinking” consciously about it. You just know this feeling is right.

Anxiety contributes those negative feelings I discussed earlier. Those not good enough, you’re going to fail, people will judge you, etc feelings.

If I had followed my anxiety I would not be sitting here writing this blog right now. I wouldn’t be pursuing my passion to write about what interests me and putting my past personal obstacles on display so that I can help others overcome the same obstacles and give people more options so they can create and design a better life for themselves.

Of course I get anxious feelings about this blog and other passions I pursue. Will I make an ass of myself? Am I publicly humiliating myself? Will people value what I have to say or are they going to judge me about it? We are human after all so these feelings are inevitable. Most of the time you can’t tiptoe around your anxiety and will have to go through it and feel it.

A small trick to overcoming these feelings are to RECOGNIZE that it is the anxiety and that the negativity it is tied to serves you absolutely no purpose whatsoever.  It gets easier with time and practice to start stopping anxious feelings in their tracks. It is worth the consistent effort.

So you may be worried what people think? Unless they’re attached to your soul then don’t give a shit about them! If they’re not a big part of your life but they have enough concern over a stranger then it is THEIR issue, not yours. You feel like you don’t have the ability to go through with what you’re passionate about but you have a nagging feeling that this is what you’re meant to be doing? Don’t give it up. Do more research and learn more about what it is you want to do and start taking small and consistent action steps to get you on your right path.

My intuition is guiding me to write this blog and become an entrepreneur so I can create programs that will have a lasting impact on those who desire a positive change in their lives and want to be guided through their obstacles. I’m sorry anxiety but I will continue to shut you the hell down so I can continue trying to make people realize their full potential and be truly happy in their lives.

Where do you want your intuition to lead you? Take a stand against your anxious feelings and shut them the hell down too so you have more space in your head to listen to your intuition.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and if it hits home for you or it feels appropriate to share please do so. I appreciate it!

Danielle Gray




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