Mental Distortions Hurting Your Psychic Intuitive Development

On the track to developing your psychic or intuitive abilities you may run into some negative cognitive distortions that can slow down or completely stop your abilities from growing. Here are some reasons why you may be off track or feeling less than confident about your intuitive development. I know I’ve been guilty of a number of these while on my journey.

Go Big or Go Home Thinking:

This is a mental distortion that consists of you placing value on the quantity rather than the quality of the information you are receiving from your spirit guides, angels, higher self, or the deceased loved ones you are trying to contact.

In order to get quality information for yourself or your client it does not need to include “everything but the kitchen sink.”

Often if you are putting too much pressure on yourself you may find that your ego or own personal thoughts may interfere and skew what quality information that does end up coming through.

Trust that the information that you are given during a reading can leave an amazing impact on you or your client no matter how subtle or extraordinary.

Having the Words Always or Never in Your Vocabulary While Working on Your Development:

Cross these words off your dictionary when it comes to your development because you may not want to plant a seed that interferes with your development. Here’s a good example.

You are reading a great spiritual development article with an amazing technique but after a few times of trying it you find that it’s difficult and you are not having the same experience or sensations as the author or others who have tried it. You may say to yourself, “I will NEVER be able to do this.”

Saying that only increases your likelihood of not being able to do it. Instead use phrases like, “I will practice this until I CAN do this” or say to yourself, “Just because I can’t experience what the author and others have experienced maybe I should open myself up to other experiences and sensations that may happen to me instead.”

Another example is, “I know this is what my guides are trying to tell me because this is the symbol they ALWAYS give me in a certain situation.”

There is always the possibility for an exception to the rule especially in the world of spirit communication.

Minimizing Your Experiences:

This is a HUGE one. It goes hand in hand with “Go Big or Go Home Thinking.”

So, you got all prepped up for an amazing meditation and you’re ready to receive guidance from your spiritual team. You are deep into meditation, your body feels like it’s no longer there,  and you don’t have a single worry or thought on your mind.

But, all you ended up receiving was a single word, image, or physical sensation. You may feel disappointed and in some cases maybe a little bit frustrated in some of your experiences but that single message could be really important for you at that time.

You may have expected a lot more especially if you may be feeling confused about what direction your life is heading but maybe that one “small” symbol is a major piece of your puzzle and you may be thankful that you received it  later on once you’ve realized what it’s true meaning was for you.

There’s also the possibility that you are on the verge of experiencing an amazing opportunity or life change and it’s best for you to experience it firsthand for yourself rather than receiving the spoiler alert.


You may be feeling guilt for not practising enough, for not getting everything accurate 100% of the time, and even for not spending enough time connecting with your spiritual team.

It’s okay that life throws twists and curve balls in your direction. It’s okay to make mistakes. As humans we are not perfect and that’s perfectly okay.  Lastly, it’s okay to live your human experience. In fact, living a human experience may be a big factor in why we’re here, right? 😉

Putting Yourself in a Box:

I don’t mean a literal box, I mean labels here. You feel confused about which path you should be on when it comes to your spiritual development. You have so many choices in this area of your life. But, did you realize you can be a tarot card reader while still making some time to learn about shamanism or energy healing? You don’t need to place yourself into one category.

Placing yourself in a single category can make you feel limited to what you can accomplish in this lifetime. There is so much magic out there! You need to follow your heart and the things that draw your attention positively, and if it leads you in a few different directions then you need to roll with it.

Don’t hold yourself back from all the opportunities that might come your way because you feel the need to have a label for yourself.

Ignoring the Positive Experiences:

Mistakes happen.  They will always happen.  Don’t let them stop you from experiencing positive things that do happen in your spiritual journey. Don’t allow your mistakes or negative experiences to turn into a mind filtering system.

If you are consistently filling your head with nothing but negativity you may find yourself falling down the rabbit hole of self-doubt and self-criticism.  This is not the seed you want to plant for yourself.

How are you going to represent the light or gain abundance in the form of positive experiences if you feel shrouded or overwhelmed by negative experiences? Cherish and create the intention you want to emphasize your positive experiences rather than your negative ones.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope it gives you some enlightenment on your own personal journey.

Danielle Gray




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